Skate sharpening

Skate sharpening

Here is how we satisfy the different needs of our customers.

There are many levels of skate sharpenings. We pride ourselves in knowing the details, having the technology to adapt and innovate to the ever changing skating needs.  In our flagship store in Montreal, we offer many different sharpening possibilities and they are offered on 2 different types of technologies.

One technology is by a Canadian cie, called  Blackstone Sports  that has an FBV (Flat Bottom V) integrated sharpening system.  This machine has a patented diamond dressing system that are wheels instead of a diamond dresser. This provides us quick and  precise dressing of our grinding  wheels.  Other machines provide a diamond dresser that creates volatility.  It is not exactly the same dressing each time, so this makes the sharpener have to adjust  the alignment of the jig and make other unnecessary adjustments.

Dupliskate (Jonah) is our other technology that we use.  A very efficient and quick sharpening machine allowing us to provide a better price for recreational, starter skaters, adults and anyone needing a plain old good sharpening.  The goal of using a machine like this, is like driving a Toyota Corolla, a good low budget reliable car without any fancy bells and whistles.  It is not like our BLACKSTONE machine which is equipped like a Bentley that allows us a quality finish unlike the Dupliskate.

These are 2 necessary machines, just very different and for different purposes.  All our in house technicians have been thoroughly trained by Steve Laframboise (owner with over 27 years experience) and have to meet our high standards.  Meeting and updates are a regular part of our work weeks.  You have to do these things when you have olympic level skaters, and most of all, skaters with dreams needing your services. 

You can find a radio interview with Steve Laframboise that voices his interest in new sharpening technologies, from years ago.

More to come on our Youtube channel!