Carbon, the game changer!

Carbon, the game changer!

Post pandemic, if we say that, is showing progress.  In our flagship store (Montreal, Canada) and within our brand (EliteXpression), exciting new developments and innovations are starting to flourish.  Here are a few !

AURA custom and soon in stock boots.  AURA has a patented technology to scan the foot in 3D, along with the boot being made completely in carbon fiber.  It makes the fit extremely customizable and above all, very lightweight.  As this company scales, the competition will have to push themselves to get lighter.  This is a good thing!

Jackson Ultima Skates has been working on their synergy line for quite some time.  Again, the pandemic slowed down progress, but now slowly but surely, it is starting to come alive.  Made with carbon fiber and micro fiber, all synthetic skate when matched with fusion soles, the skate is customizable and has a better longevity than the previous leather boot generations.  Finally, figure skating is entering into the new technological world of synthetics.  The leather days are almost behind us.

John Wilson, Phoenix.  Another company join the carbon fiber trend.  So lightweight and yet robust.  Not that long ago, to get a robust blade, the weight of the blade made the benefits a reward with diminishing returns.   Thinking outside of the figure skating box, using nonstandard raw materials, we get the best of both worlds, lightweight and robustness.