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Stink-eez Pals Skate Deodorizer Remove Moisture Controls Odor

Stinkeez Pink - Eliminates odor and moisture, keeps skates dry and mildew free.

Features of Stink-eez.

Extends boot life! Stink-eez help to keep footwear dry. Dryer interiors preserve the structural integrity of footwear.
Easy to use! Stink-eez are designed to slip easily into shoes and boots. Simply insert them into the shoe or boot when not in use. Stink-eez work best when used consistently. The longer they are left in the shoe or boot the better they work.
Dryer boots healthier feet! Stink-eez improve the conditions that often lead to foot problems.
Wicks away moisture and odor! Stink-eez's desiccant is so effective that it also removes our power booster scent over a few months.
Lasts a long time! Stink-eez can last up to one year or more when used correctly. While some scents may fade with time, the absorbent contents continue to eliminate odor and moisture. If the product seems to be absorbing less, throw it into the dryer on low heat for 5-10 minutes.
Antibacterial! Stink-eez have absorbent contents containing effective, bacteria-fighting agents.

Stink-eez come packaged in pairs.

Scent: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Woodland, Lavender
Different patterns are available. One will be chosen for you upon purchase