Why Cobra laces?

Why Cobra laces?

Why Cobra laces?

It all started when these fairly thin laces hit the market.  What was so special about them?  They had rhinestones!

Skaters loved them and we sold many of them.  After a short while, I noticed skates were breaking down very quickly.  Why is this happening?  This was happening to any skate manufacturer and it was impacting  any model.

After a short while, I noticed that every skate breaking down, had those laces.  But why was this happening?  Very simple.  When laces are too thin, they don't hold the skate togther enough.  This causes inadequate lacing and the boot is exposed to foot volatilty, movement and improper motion absorption.

Looking closely at this, I noticed that ALL laces had a pattern to them.  As laces wear down, they get longer and thinner.  This causes the skater to have to retie the skates while on the ice or simply just adapt to them as they get loose.  Being frustrated, the skater finds himself tying the skate way too tight hoping they will  hold, but all this does is make the eyelets bigger and causes foot cramps during the time the skate is just too tight.

Being always on a mission of finding solutions for my skaters,  I started playing around with the idea of no longer having a flat or circular lace that acts like a nail but more a wave design that acts like a screw.  We all know the difference between the nail and the screw.  When the raw material starts to wear down or get wet, the material will spit as the nail , just like standard laces, is too slippery.  The screw on the other hand because of its design, will Grip the raw material allowing it to hold.

Why didn't we think of this before?!!! 


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