The art of skate fitting with science

The art of skate fitting with science

Over the years, since my beginnings (1996), many theories and ideas were passed and tried.  Some of these theories were obviously based on ideas that were just beliefs that carried on from earlier generations.  Since science, especially back then was non existant in our sport, all thoughts were purely creative.

I talk about this every once in a while, it is what I call the greek god of thunder.  Since science did not exist how else would you explain the roaring skies?

Let me fast forward now to 2022.  Science is key.  It truly is, you can't argue with science.  I have noticed such a beautiful evolution with my skaters (customers) over the last decade with how they speak and their thoughts.  I rarely get these greek god of thunder comments like back in the day.  I have to say without being pretentious, when it is a new customer from elsewhere, I do still get the theories about the angry skies.  Thankfully our reputation allows us to move forward and get passed the stories and theories quickly.  Why? Because we address the issues immediately.

The more the skater understands why these things are happening, the quicker they progress.  Key ages to have issues, 13 and 14,  Also, older skaters (see above 18) due to, for lack of another term, wear & tear.

You can find articles of research and development here on our site.  One of them is regarding our proprietary insole.