John Wilson Blades

John Wilson Blades

The Revolution technology is unlike any other lightweight blade in the industry and HD Sports is the only company which offers the true Gold Seal and Pattern 99 features. Composed of 100% unidirectional fibers which are compression molded with a thermosetting resin, these blades deliver incredible strength and unprecedented performance. The unique cantilever shape, which has become so synonymous with the world’s elite, has led to reports of a “feel” unlike any other lightweight offering. Adam Rippon stated, “There is a quality to the run of a Wilson blade and a softness that helps me feel my best while performing.” This responsiveness allows the skater to give the impulsion of a jump and the certainty of a forgiving landing. The technology has changed the way the world thinks about figure skating blades and the manner in which equipment can define and enhance a skater’s aesthetic. Additionally, the resin we use in the carbon fiber acts as a thermal barrier which protects the feet from the cold transference felt through other blades. If you want a smoother, more responsive skating experience, you need to join the Revolution.



Carbon composite technology ensures blades are lightweight, but not when it comes to strength and durability.


Lighter than a standard blade for improved take offs, this technology is designed to help you reach even greater heights.




Our carbon fibre body utilises a nano charged matrix formula to provide increased strength and performance.

After spending countless hours consulting with skaters, engineers, coaches and our design team we are proud to say that we’ve created a blade that’s 46% lighter than traditional blades, 30% lighter than Revolution blades, and up to 20% lighter than aluminum products.

Our patented technology showcases an unprecedented approach to building strength and performance throughout the blade’s frame. This feature allows the Phoenix to be the lightest blade on the market without any loss in strength, giving you savings in energy and more time in the air.

This is officially the lightest blade ever made and showcases a full carbon fiber body with a stainless-steel runner. The stainless steel we’ve selected will outperform anything we have offered before in its ability to resist corrosion while providing extended edge life.

Perfectly designed to provide improved performance, this innovative blade design will allow athletes around the world to reach unprecedented technical heights.

The skater with the competitive advantage is the one with the best technology.